Freshwater Fish in-stock 50% off 6/19/24

Jun 19th 2024

10 Congo tetra- 7.5 dollars7 serpae tetra- 3 dollars2 small black angels -12 dollars3 upside down catfish- 7.5 dollars2 L213 plecos- 37 dollars2 tomasini cichlids- 3 dollars9 assorted rainbow fish- 6 … read more

Saltwater Stock List 5/31/24

May 31st 2024

Anemone Green Long Tentacle Anemone Rainbow Bubbletip Anemone Ultra Rock Flower Angel Flame Angel Swallowtail male Zebra and female Angler Red Wartskin Anthias Bima … read more

Freshwater Stock List 5/31/2024

May 31st 2024

Angel large and XLAngel Mediumaxolotl female mellanoid, wild type 5"axolotl male mellanoid, wild type 5"axolotl mellanoid 4"Barb Albino Tiger Barb Black Ruby Barb Odessa Barb Red Glass … read more

Important Announcement 05302024

May 30th 2024

STORE CLOSING: Our retail store is closing regular operation on 6/16/24.All Things Aquatic will continue to provide aquarium sales, installation, and maintenance service. Dry goods, supplies, food, li … read more