Aquarium Services


Have the aquarium you've always wanted!
Our tank design, installation, & maintenance services provide everything you need.

Whether you are looking to get an aquarium started, upgrade to a larger tank, or add some new creatures to your existing tank, we’ve got you covered. All Things Aquatic has everything you need to keep your tank happy, healthy, and beautiful. Our experienced aquarium professionals can work with your ideas and budget to design, install, and maintain the aquarium you've always wanted. Come visit our showroom at 6 Perry Drive, Unit B, Foxboro, MA or give us a call at 774-215-3311 to discuss your aquarium project. Some of our services include:

  • Design & Installation of: 

    • Filtration

    • Plumbing

    • Custom built stands

    • Reverse osmosis water filtration systems (RODI)

    • Salt water mixing stations

    • Automatic water top off systems

    • Refugiums

    • Protein skimmers

    • Calcium and nitrate reactors

    • Programming and installation of Apex Neptune aquarium automation controls

  • Installation

    • New: Buy your tank from us and we’ll install it

    • Existing: Do you have a tank you need installed? Contact us for a free quote.

    • Delivery and Set-Up

  • Maintenance Services

    • Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly aquarium cleaning services are available, depending on your needs

    • Flexible scheduling hours

    • Experienced aquarium maintenance technicians

    • Test water levels, salinity, temperature, PH level, oxygen

    • Visually inspect all live stock for signs of parasites, disease, or stress

    • Inspect all equipment: pumps, reactors, skimmers, UV sterilizers, heaters; and clean, empty or replace parts as necessary

    • Deliver live aquarium fish and / or corals and acclimate them to your tank

    • Clean glass or acrylic inside and out

    • Vacuum sand or gravel

    • Empty skimmer, replace filter socks or pads

    • Receive a detailed report on your aquarium after each cleaning

    • On-call 24-hour emergency response provided when you sign up for maintenance services. (Additional fees apply when a service tech needs to come for an unscheduled service.