Volitan Lionfish Show size (Pterois volitans)

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Product Overview

Volitan Lionfish have large, fan-like pectoral fins. They spread their fins out when they feel threatened, to make themselves appear larger. The spines on their fins are venomous and used solely for defense. The can grow up to 15 inches so they should be in a tank 120 gallons or larger. Lionfish are meat eaters.

Sizes: Small: 2" to 3"; Medium: 3" to 5"; Large: 5" to 6"; Showsize: 8-9"

Shipping weight for showsize is 30 lbs.


The weight provided for each fish includes the weight of the fish plus the water required to keep it safe in transit. Our smallest insulated box can accomodate a 20 lbs order. To optimize your shipping cost, purchase at least 20 lbs of fish per shipment. Fish must be shipped with 1 day delivery.