Smoothhound Shark (Mustelus californicus)

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Product Overview

15-18" Smoothhound shark.

Grey Smoothhound Sharks like water temps between 65-75 degrees. They are meat eaters. A tank 500 gallons or larger is recommended.

Shipping weight: 30 lbs
The weight provided for each fish includes the weight of the fish plus the water required to keep it safe in transit.

For large fish such as Sharks & Rays we prefer to send via Airport Cargo. We will ship FedEx overnight, but there is no Arrive Alive Guarantee if FedEx does not deliver on-time.

If you'd like to send it via Airport Cargo, select store pick-up at checkout and we'll make the flight arrangements with you via phone or email. We will honor the Arrive Alive guarantee if the shark or ray is sent via Airport Cargo.