Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera elegans)

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Product Overview

Harlequin Shrimp are best kept in pairs and their favorite food is starfish. They are reef safe. Medium 1"


Shipping weight: 1 lbs

The weight provided for each fish includes the weight of the fish plus the water required to keep it safe in transit. Our smallest insulated box can accomodate a 20 lbs order. To optimize your shipping cost, purchase at least 20 lbs of fish per shipment. Fish must be shipped with 1 day delivery.

Warranty Information

Arrive alive guarantee: If the fish is deceased upon arrival, we will refund the price of the fish or issue store credit for a future purchase. IN ORDER TO UTILIZE THIS GUARANTEE, YOU MUST MAKE A VIDEO OF YOURSELF OPENING THE BOX AND THE CLOSED BAGS IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING, WITH DATE AND TIME INDICATED IN THE VIDEO. Remove the dead fish from the water and place it on a piece of paper in the video. Box must be opened within 2 hours of delivery and we must be notified immediately. Do not discard the fish until you've been instructed by All Things Aquatic. Send the video to: If the fish dies after arrival or during acclimation, this warranty does not apply. Failure to accept delivery on the first attempt by carrier voids the Arrive Alive Guarantee. For large fish such as Sharks & Rays we prefer to send via Airport Cargo. We will ship FedEx overnight, but there is no Arrive Alive Guarantee if FedEx does not deliver on-time. If you'd like to send it via Airport Cargo, select store pick-up at checkout and we'll make the flight arrangements with you via phone or email. We will honor the Arrive Alive guarantee if the shark or ray is sent via Airport Cargo.